Inflation resistant money with no counter party risk and real scarcity

Why Silver Bullion

Store of Value – Protect your Wealth from Inflation

Safe Haven Asset – In Uncertain Times

Capital Gains – Increase your Wealth

Hold Your Own Wealth – No Counter Party Risk

Why is Silver Bullion a Good Investment?

Both gold and silver were used as money for hundreds of years before being replaced by paper fiat currencies. The free market allowed precious metals to emerge as the dominant money of the world as they embodied the 5 characteristics of money best. The 5 characteristics of sound money are Portability, Divisibility, Recognizably, Scarcity and Durability. Precious metals embody these characteristics well except for one, portability.

Gold and silver are excellent at transporting value across time but they are very heavy and bulky making it difficult for them to transport value across space. This is why paper currencies were issued in place of precious metals, increased portability. At first currencies were backed by gold, then they were partially back by gold and now they are not backed by anything and can be proliferated arbitrarily. This has led to inflation and distrust in fiat currency. The solution is to diversify your wealth into sound money like gold and silver.

Silver Bullion Coins

The most popular way to invest in silver bullion. Stack highly recognizable, legal tender silver coins to protect and grow your wealth.

Silver Bullion Bars

Get exposure to silver by investing in silver bars. Find out what sort of investor and why one would want to invest in silver bars.

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We stock legal tender silver bullion for the serious and more experienced silver stacker. We also have novelty silver coins that are ideal for gifts.

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